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Our company's specialty is interior and exterior finishes. Our primary goals relate to meeting the customer's needs through our people with properly coordinated direction and technology. RDF has a well trained workforce that has been developed through many years of consistent and timely project delivery. We listen to our customers needs during the construction process and administer changes in order to adapt. Customer concerns are addressed with a willing attitude and cost impacts are conveyed when they are recognized in the early stages. Additionally, RDF keeps its clients up-to-date with scheduling issues and recommends constructive alternatives for meeting goals and deadlines.

Rochester Davis-Fetch regards its customers as important references for potential projects that may be on the horizon. We strive to give our customers more for their money than what is generally agreed to while maintaining the highest level of quality. Our reward is a better understanding of our customer's needs and a strengthening of our relationship with them.

Technology Today

Technology is directing the construction industry towards a paperless project delivery.  RDF continues to evolve with the construction community and has developed skills that allow for seamless project procurement and delivery. Initially, project drawings are administered electronically through ftp sites or by disc. Estimates are prepared through digital format and pricing is transmitted electronically.  Electronic submittals are forwarded to the designer for approval and then returned via email or placed on an ftp site for viewing.  Site foremen and supervisors are provided company laptops in order to stay current with project and coordination issues.  Upon completion, the project closeout documents are bundled on disc, denoting design revisions and warranty guarantees for the installed products.
We view every project as an opportunity to extend our skills and values as a company and continue our goals of stable growth in the construction industry.

Green Projects

RDF has had involvement with multiple projects regarding various levels of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)'s Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED®) certification. The company's two most recent contributions have been awarded platinum certification, which is currently the highest level for excellence in the pursuit of sustainable design.

As the industry evolves with green building designs, RDF has continued to advance in procurement and documentation procedures. Documentation for all potential LEED® accreditation is tracked on a monthly basis concerning the project's material usage and waste. RDF's methods of providing correct information at the submittal, construction, and closeout phases of the project have helped to streamline the process for certification by the USGBC (www.usgbc.org). We look forward to our continued involvement regarding sustainability in the construction market and will further our education and practices to meet those needs as it expands on our project horizon.
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